Mutual Respect and Descreet

I prefer like-minded men

Health and hygiene always come first. I NEVER offer services that would endanger my health.

Every date is exciting and I always put in all my effort to prepare for it. I am a very clean girl, meticulously groomed and deliciously fragrant. Always shaved. I have always clean teeth and fresh breath. My passion is to be charming and captivating. If I don't feel well, I don't take appointments. That's why a meeting with me is always exceptional and filled with pleasant moments.

The same level of hygiene and care is expected  from you as well. Only then can our date be passionate and sensual. I will always provide you access to my bathroom as well. Of you neglect hygiene, I may need to distance myself or even end our meeting.

I believe I don't need to mention these things here.My prices aren't low enough to attract men with poor hygiene habits :-)

Many men are not aware of the high risk and possibility of contracting syphilis, gonorrhea , yeast and others STD's through oral sex.Therefore I NEVER provide these services without protection.You can't pleasure my genitals with your tongue.

My  vagina is my sacred place. I will not provide this service even for a large financial donation.

If this a problem for you, I am not the right girl for you.

Thank you for understanding and respecting my boundaries.