Mutual Respect and Descreet

I prefer like-minded men

Health and hygiene always come first. I NEVER offer services that would endanger my health

Every date is exciting for me and I always put 100% into my preparations for it.

I'm a very clean girl well-groomed and fragrant girl will open the door for you. Always shaved. Clean teeth and breath.Looking stunning and glamorous is my passion. If I don't feel like. I don't work.

The same hygiene care is demanded of you.That's  the only way our date will be passionate and sensual. Of course, I will always provide you with my bathroom.

If you  neglect your hygiene, I will be very distant or end our date.

But I believe I don't need to mention these things here.My prices are not so low that men with bad hygiene habits going to me :-)

Many men are not aware of the high risk of the possibility of contracting syphilis, gonorrhea , yeast and others trough oral sex.Therefore I NEVER provide these services without protection.You can't eat my crotch.

My  crotch is my sacred place and even for a large financial donation I will not provide this service.

If this a problem for you I am not girl for you.

Thank you for understanding and respecting my boundaries.